Garbage bag
Oswal polypack manufacturer & supplier of regular low & heavy duty garbage bags plastic bags in India, we can supply colour any size as per customer requirment.Our bags are made from the best quality & 100% virgin raw material & cheap price and economical way to protect your bins.our bags has specialty to resists bottom seal leakage. we also manufacturing recycled plastic black bags which is mostly used for carry garbage waste.tape


Size 19 x 21" (Medium)
No. of Pcs 30 PC Per Pkt.
Pkt./Crt. 200 Pkt.
Size 30 x 37" (XL)
No. of Pcs 10 PC Per Pkt.
Pkt./Crt. 150 Pkt.
Size 36 x 44" (XXL)
No. of Pcs 10 PC Per Pkt.
Pkt./Crt. 94 Pkt.

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